Can't unpark a call

When parking a call (parking lot extension is 500 with 2 slots - 501 and 502) I can’t seem to unpark a call. When dialing the parked extension the phone shows it’s attempting to dial but does nothing. Most of the recent documentation I have seen on this issue has had to do with spaces in the trunk sip settings, but I do not have spaces. I’m including a log of an external call that was parked. Any suggestions?

A link to the log of a call is here

This line:

[2016-01-18 18:04:28] VERBOSE[21853][C-00000059] res_agi.c: <SIP/111-0000007e>AGI Script parkfetch.agi completed, returning 4

Returning code 4 indicates an error occurred during the AGI execution. At the Asteirsk CLI, issue the command:

agi set debug on

Then attempt to fetch a parked call to see if there are any more clues. When finished:

agi set debug off


Thanks for the reply.

Here is the log with debugging on

You don’t have a space, but the failure mechanism is identical:

[2016-01-19 08:06:10] VERBOSE[3692][C-00000001] res_agi.c: <SIP/111-00000002>AGI Rx << GET VARIABLE IMPORT(SIP/user_babytel -00000000,MIXMON_DIR)
[2016-01-19 08:06:10] VERBOSE[3692][C-00000001] res_agi.c: <SIP/111-00000002>AGI Tx >> 520-Invalid command syntax. Proper usage follows:
[2016-01-19 08:06:10] VERBOSE[3692][C-00000001] res_agi.c: <SIP/111-00000002>AGI Tx >> Returns <literal>0</literal> if <replaceable>variablename</replaceable> is not set. Returns <literal>1</literal> if <replaceable>variablename</replaceable> is set and returns the variable in parentheses.

We are testing a fix now, which should be published soon.

Thanks for your help!

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