Cant transfer straight to VM

We are using Digium D-65 phones on FreePBX13, I checked the feature codes and we have it set to “*”.
So when a call comes in, we should be able to hit transfer *105 transfer, and the call should go directly to 105s VM. anyone have any ideas how to fix this.

what happens when you press*105? Do you get the voicemail box? Did you build one for 105?

I figured it out, it was because the login in code was set to 11 and was messing with the transfer to VM feature code because there ext started with 1

So on your PBX you modified the feature code Direct Dial Prefix. By default its set to *.
It this the login code your talking about?

The “log into queue” command is “*11”, the “log out of queue” command is “*12”.

This makes is impossible to send a call direct to voicemail for any extensions in the 110-129 range (since *11 and *12 will get intercepted by the feature codes).

There are a lot of feature codes like this - Extensions in the 650 range have the same problem (*65 repeats your extension number)

I guess then *1 In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording would conflict with extensions in the 1XX numbers too.

Thanks for the tip, I will check it out.

*1 is “in call” and is handled a little different, but it is another good excuse to not use extensions that start with 1.