Can't stop call recording

Currently we have Extensions set to “Yes” for Call Recording and certain Outbound Routes set to “Never” for Call Recording.

Out goal is that if an Agent warm transfers a caller outside the company, using an Outbound Route where Call Recording is set to “never”, the Call Recording will stop once the Agent access the restricted Outbound Route.

Our Agents complete the warm transfer as follows:
a. Agent presses a soft button designated as “Conference” so the inbound caller is put on-hold
b. Agent dials 8+area code+ 7 digit number which selects the restricted Outbound Route
c. Agent talks with the outside party
d. Agent presses “Conference” so that all 3 parties are on the line and talking
e. Agent presses “Leave” so the inbound caller is now talking with the outside party and Agent’s line is now free

The call recording continues from the moment the call arrives to the Agent’s extension until both the caller and the outside party disconnect. Even though the Agent disconnected once they pressed the “leave” button in the steps above, the call recording continues to capture the conversation between the inbound caller and the outside party.