Can't set up SIPSTATION Free Trial in FreePBX 15

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Hi there!
We are trying to demonstrate a SIP call over freePBX using a SIP soft client on one end and a regular mobile or landline phone on the other. Installed FreePBX using distribution package in a Linux VM. We can make calls between two SIP soft client extensions after we opened up the firewall to pass SIP and RTP traffic. Also enabled internet access from PBX VM on the firewall (we were able to download and install module updates - currently all latest modules). The next step was to enable SIPSTATION free trial to set up a SIP trunk and demonstrate the call to/from a mobile phone. However, when I go to Connectivity->SIPSTATION menu, the “SIPSTATION Store” and “SIPSTATION Free Trial” tabs show “cannot reach the page” message and a red banner pops up on top with “undefined” error. Any suggestions on what I may be missing? Thanks!

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Hi @stasul

This looks more like a firewall issue. Please allow traffic from for the module to work.

Please refer for more information.

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Sandesh Prakash

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