Cant see number of inbound call

Asterisk 1.4.2

When I got to the Report Tab, the Source collum is empty, what can that be?

Any tips?

Example of what I have :

CallDate Channel Source Destination
2009-05-16 22:04:24 Local/6667-from-internal 6667

The inbound hardware are:

01:09.0 Network controller: Sangoma Technologies Corp. A200/Remora FXO/FXS Analog AFT card
and a VGSM-II Card

asterisk version 1.4.2 has MANY, many, many bugs…

Please update it to 1.4.21 at the very least (I think is latest currently). If you go to a version above 1.4.22 you will then need to change from using Zap drivers to Dadhi drivers due to asterisk changing this for legal reasons.

Thats the point… I cant because of the VGSM Drivers that only work with Asterisk 1.4.2 …

and where in the initial post did you make that statement?

I don’t mean to be a jerk here but, if you have a specific requirement like that you need to be very up front and state them or you are bound to get instructions for things that are counter productive to what you want and have not stated. Yes you mentioned that you have VGSM-II card but you did NOT say you were locked to that version because of it.

Please remember we can’t see your setup, we don’t know anything about it, and we can’t know your goals and motives if you don’t state them.

At this point I don’t know what to tell you as there were several reporting bugs in the early versions of asterisk 1.4 and the way to fix them is to upgrade to a more current version.

FYI: latest drivers for the card are here:

It looks like all you need to do is download the latest source for them and asterisk and do some work to get a newer version working.

Just go the update from the VGSM mailing list, that the latest 1.4.24 is supported by the VGSM driver so I’ll give it a try.

FYI I am using the latest VGSM drivers, been there done that. In their FAQ they say the latest suported Asterisk is 1.4.2.

I would not install 1.4.24, there are known bugs that break things like confirmation on followme and ringgroups, and a few other things. At this point I would not go past 1.4.22.