Can't see all extensions

Hey all, I’m just playing with iSymphony for the first time, trying to get the hang of it. So yeah, I’m a total noob as far as iSymphony is concerned.

I managed to get it logged into the FreePBX Distro server and I can see my extension status but it won’t display all the other extensions on my PBX. Is this normal for the free 1 user license that it only show’s your extension status or do I need to do more configuration somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Were these extension added as a batch import in FreePBX? The iSymphony module currently lack hooks into the batch import facilities in FreePBX which can cause missing extensions in the iSymphony FreePBX module tables.

In order to resolve this you must re-install the iSymphony FreePBX module from the Module Admin in FreePBX.

NOTE: This will remove all the iSymphony FreePBX module tables and recreate them from scratch. All iSymphony user passwords, Jabber settings and other iSymphony specific settings will be defaulted.

We are planning on fixing this issue in a future release.


these extensions have been here manually entered all along. I really think it’s a config issue that I’m just not seeing/understanding.

I had this same problem when I used the bulk upload facility. If you have a reasonably small number of extensions then if you go into each one and uncheck the “Add to iSymphony” check box and have the change. Then check it again and save that change. The extension should then appear in iSymphony.

If you go to Admin->iSymphony in FreePBX then select View Database under the Module Debug section do you see the missing extensions in the table that is displayed?


thanks for the advice, this project is on the back burner right now but I’ll take that as a next step when I get back to it and let you know.