Can't search CDR for outgoing calls

I’m having issues searching my CDR currently, to make the problem as clear as possible, an example log would be as follows

From this log, performing a CDR search for “123” would pull the Incoming call to “My Extension”, but neither of the outgoing ones a search for “246” would work correctly as no outgoing calls exist though.

Is there a setting I need to tweak or am I misusing the CDR search interface, the settings I would use to search for the “123” calls are as shown here:

I’m using an installation of FreePBX 11.18.0, and haven’t encountered any other major bugs.

Edit: New users can only have one Image so I’ve combined them together as a single reference

In your search box settings, you are searching the CallerIDNumber for something that ends with 123.

If you want to search for the OutboundCallerIDNumber, you need to put your search criteria in the box next to the field you are looking for.

I’m not sure I understand the question, though, since searching for ‘123’ in the Caller ID Number field and not finding ‘246’ kind of makes sense to me.

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Ok wow, I just thought the different layers were so you could search for multiple things at once, thanks so much cynjut!

Any way in particular you can recommend to pull a search that shows both incoming calls from “123” and outgoing calls to “123” ? I can only get it to do either in or out now

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