Can't save changes


I’m a newbie. Just downloaded FreePBX Distro from this website. Installed it on PC with Pentium D processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB SATA HD. No problems there.

I log into web interface using Chrome. (Seems to ask for my username and password a lot!) When I try to make any changes such as set IP address or add a user, I click save and it asks for user/PW again. Then it takes me back to the page I was on but the changes are not saved.

This seems really simple. Am I missing something or just being stupid? Sorry but I tried to search for the answer first.


Have you tried using a different browser. I use Firefox and have never had any such problems.

How strange. Yes, that worked.

The instructions say to use Chrome. I tried Chrome and I tried IE with Chrome Frame. Both acted the same way.

I HATE firefox but it worked. The GUI view is totally different with firefox and changes are saved.

Problem solved! Thank you!

Now let’s see where I get stuck next…