Can't remove trunks and can't redirect inbound routes

Version 2.11.0. release 21.

I have three SipStation Trunks that I installed, made in and out bound routes for. Found I had a problem when I went
to redirect a inbound route to another extension and it didn’t work. The route shows to be there setup like I wanted it to be but in the background of the system it still the same. So after a few tries, I removed the trunks, now they don’t show up in the GUI but the trunks did not get removed… I can still make inbound and out bound calls on them, and they are routed inbound to the original extension they were to begin with… can I be educated on where to find the info of these trunks, what config file I need to look at and a example of what the information I am looking for so that I can modify the config file by removing the trunks manually?

Thank you,

Of what? Asterisk/DAHDI/FreePBX/FreeSwitch? You get the idea? If you are talking FreePBX, you are WAY behind the current versions of everything.

Help me understand - you have three extensions and 72 incoming lines? Seems a little over-killy to me.

A trunk connects your PBX to a VOIP provider. All of your incoming numbers and outgoing calls go over a trunk.

Once you have the trunk up and running, you set it up so that the incoming number(s) assocated with an incoming called (Inbound DID) is routed to an extension, a call queue, a ring group, or some other thing.

Setting up the outbound is about as simple, you set up all of your outgoing numbers to they match the requirements of the trunk provider.