Can't reload sip configure from mysql database

i install asterisk and then install freepbx.
but they can’t work together.
first, i add sip extension from web interface of freepbx, then i clickin the red bar. from the terminal of asterisk’CLI, i see asterisk reload sip configure.
i also connect mysql database through phpmyadmin,and make sure that the extension have been add into mysql database.

but i insert comand “sip show users” or “sip show peers”,there is nothing output.

and it look like that asterisk reload sip configure from /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, can’t reload configure from mysql database.
i look for some materials about realtime system on asterisk. The realtime system include two: static realtime system and the dynamic system.
They also need to change extconfig.conf. But i haven’t found my extconfig.conf is changed.
And then i create table in mysql database, the script like this:

CREATE TABLE sip_conf (
id serial NOT NULL,
name character varying(80) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL,
accountcode character varying(20),
amaflags character varying(7),
callgroup character varying(10),
callerid character varying(80),
canreinvite character varying(3) DEFAULT ‘yes’,
context character varying(80),
defaultip character varying(15),
dtmfmode character varying(7),
fromuser character varying(80),
fromdomain character varying(80),
host character varying(31) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL,
insecure character varying(4),
“language” character varying(2),
mailbox character varying(50),
md5secret character varying(80),
nat character varying(5) DEFAULT ‘no’ NOT NULL,
permit character varying(95),
deny character varying(95),
mask character varying(95),
pickupgroup character varying(10),
port character varying(5) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL,
qualify character varying(3),
restrictcid character varying(1),
rtptimeout character varying(3),
rtpholdtimeout character varying(3),
secret character varying(80),
“type” character varying DEFAULT ‘friend’ NOT NULL,
username character varying(80) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL,
disallow character varying(100) DEFAULT ‘all’,
allow character varying(100) DEFAULT ‘g729;ilbc;gsm;ulaw;alaw’,
musiconhold character varying(100),
regseconds bigint DEFAULT 0::bigint NOT NULL,
ipaddr character varying(15) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL,
regexten character varying(80) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL,
cancallforward character varying(3) DEFAULT ‘yes’

and i change extconfig.conf: sipfriends => mysql,asterisk,sip_conf , my asterisk can load sip config from the table sip_conf which is in mysql database.
But the datastructure of table sip_conf is different from any table which is created by freepbx, and I want to use freepbx and asterisk.
How i should do?