Can't reject calls on DECT phones


I am setting up FreePBX right now. In itself, all SIP phones are up and running. Only the DECT phones are still causing problems.

The SIP to DECT gateway is a Gigaset N720 DM Pro. Making and receiving calls works. But when I call a DECT phone and reject the call there, it rings again immediately. I simply can not reject the call.
This only happens with the DECT phones, all other SIP phones work normally. (I tried two different DECT phones.)

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is or what I can do about it?

What are you expecting the experience to be? Where does a rejected call go on the registered extension? You could look at the SPI messages in real time to see if the dect extension is sending back a correct message.

Thank you for you answer! But I’m not sure I can follow you.
I would just to expect the phone stops ringing, and the caller should get something like a busy tone. Like any other SIP phone behaves, except my DECT phones…
When I hit the hangup button while the DECT phones rings, it seems like it been ignored completely.

When I look at the “full” log at Asterisk, I see a lot of SIP messages. But none when I try to reject the call.
That confuses me. Is there anywhere else I should look at?

A DECT phone on an analogue line would have no way of rejecting a call (it might silence the ringing, but it can’t tell the exchange that it has rejected a call). What makes you think the DECT protocol supports this over SIP?

Color me surprised! That would explain some things…
Thanks dude!

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