Cant Register Linksys WIP300

Hello everyone, Im about to give up. for some reason I can not get WIP300 to register with my freepbx, this devices is not in “End Point Device List” Can some one please help me

these are the sites that I already went trough’un-poste-sans-fil-linksys-wip300-sous-asterisk/

You just have to configure it by hand with the server IP, extension and secret.

Go to web interface of phone.

Thank you, I have successfully got it to register yesterday under same network. now im trying to figure out how to make it register remotely, for example the WIP300 is at home and FREEPBX server is at work.

That will require you to expose your server to the Internet. More headache than it worth.

If you just want to use it at home setup a VPN back to the office.

Thank you for the advice, I have figured it out how to connect. now I need to figure out how to setup VPN.