Cant record voicemail


I am currently running Asterisk (Ver.

I have some issues on my phone recording. I am not sure what is the problem. The system cant capture the hang up tune, thus its caused my system saved few hours of recording. Then I am forced to delete all recording file by using command line “rm -rf”

But after that I got a issue that I cant do call recording anymore. Below are the error script. Please have a look.

[2013-02-22 13:05:15] WARNING[24918]: app.c:1359 ast_lock_path_lockfile: Failed to lock path ‘/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/101/INBOX’: File exists
– <DAHDI/2-1> Playing ‘beep.ulaw’ (language ‘en’)
– Recording the message
– x=0, open writing: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/101/tmp/bKHiE8 format: wav, 0x9564980

Anyone have any idea how to solve?

Thanks in advance.

Hi …

Hmm, remember reading somewhere that ast_lock_path_lockfile issue was fixed in 1.8 newer versions already. You might wanna google that up…

As for the long voicemail:

Are you using analog lines? Does it happen on an IP based extension to extension call?

I had this once with analog pstn calls and i had to fix it quick so i just enabled the maxsilence & silencethreshold value in voicemail.conf (if using FreePBX, get the voicemail admin module to change that).


Dear Sanjayws,

Thank you for your information. I will google it later. As I had more critical issue here.

Just now after I was reboot the phone system.
Then I begin to receive Asterisk error

Asterisk ended with exit status 1
Asterisk died with code 1.
Automatically restarting Asterisk.
mpg123: no process killed

Asterisk could not start!
Use ‘tail /var/log/asterisk/full’ to find out why.
[[email protected] ~]# tail /var/log/asterisk/full
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] loader.c: => (Page Multiple Phones)
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] pbx.c: == Registered application ‘DumpChan’
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] loader.c: => (Dump Info About The Calling Channel)
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] pbx.c: == Registered application ‘Originate’
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] loader.c: => (Originate call)
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] translate.c: == Registered translator ‘ilbctolin’ from format ilbc to slin, cost 2999
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] translate.c: == Registered translator ‘lintoilbc’ from format slin to ilbc, cost 13998
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] loader.c: => (iLBC Coder/Decoder)
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] config.c: == Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf’: [2013-02-22 14:37:18] VERBOSE[12842] config.c: == Found
[2013-02-22 14:37:18] ERROR[12842] cdr_mysql.c: Unable to query table description!! Logging disabled.

DO you have any idea what’s going on? I dint work on any modification or configuration of my system script yet. I just did a system reboot. Then the system not working anymore.

OMG… Help…

Thank you so much!!

Hi, i won’t mind helping but for your benefit, its best you create a new incident/topic here. Lots more eyes can see and help :slight_smile:

After you create the new topic, i am sure lots of people will already start helping…(incl me )

Are you running a FreePBX distro? You only mention the Asterisk version.

Dear Sanjayws,

Thank you for your reply.

I had created a new topic at here

Really appreciate for your help.


HI SkykingOH,

Thank you for your reply.

yes. I am running FreePBX distro.

What else information you need?

Hi Brian, same goes to you, please create a new thread for this “issue”…LOL!

Thank you for your help for the cdr/sql issue.

I found that that error actually caused by this issue. Bcz when I check the cdr table, the table show its stop recording since the day when my disk full.

  1. I had google “ast_lock_path_lockfile” but there is no upgrade for it. How should I do?

  2. I am using IP phone and its happen from any calls voice recording. I can see “maxsilence” (in numbers is in second right?) & “silencethreshold”(what does the lower value mean?) options in my FreePBX configuration. Its require me to set a value in the text box. whats the value that i should set?


Anyone can help?? My error still cant solve yet. my Pbx still cant record voicemail and detect the dailup tune.

Thank you.