Can't record voicemail from outside line

Need some help here. I am setting up a new system. I am now having an issue with recording a voicemail from an outside line. I do not get a reaction when i press pound either. When I go to UCP, it says I have a new voicemail, but the wav file is not playable (0 secs).If I download it, it is not playable, it has 0 bytes of data too. The player says in the UCP says MEdia URL could not be loaded.

If I call from an interal line (ext 201) to voicemail (222) then I can leave a message and I can pull it up in UCP(ARI) I can even press the pound sign and it says thank you. It works like normal internally

I’m on FreePBX 12.0.74 and asterisk 13.5

Ok. well I solved my own issue by doing a trial and error. I had a vestalink trunk as well and if i used that I could leave a voicemail. So I called Flowroute who I am trying to use for the buisness and they knew what was up. It was one way audio when it was picked up due to codec issues.
So they had me apply this in the trunk peer details: