Can't receive inbound or outbound calls through FreePBX using Linphone softphone

Hi everyone.

I have recently set up FreePBX v16 with linphone. Linphone is a softphone app.

Currently, I have gotten the FreePBX system to work with Linphone in the following way: I can make calls to and from other linphone extensions, whether they are on PC, or on smart phone.

For example: I have assigned extension 2202 to my phone’s Linphone app, and 2203 to my desktop’s Linphone app, and I can call the desktop Linphone and it works with perfect quality and no delay. This includes calling from outside the local network, e.g. setting my phone to mobile data it still works.

Now, the hard part. I have set up SIP Trunks with Telnyx. I have a number assigned to me through Telnyx. However, when I go to use this phone number, it does not work. I followed the Telnyx FreePBX v15 PJSIP setup guide exactly as it says.

I am really stuck here, I have tried a lot of different things, including talking to Telnyx support.

I think I am going to wipe my on-premises server, start from scratch, and see if I can get it working that way (maybe I messed up something along the way)

I would appreciate any advice you can give. I don’t really want to pay for support, if I can’t set this FreePBX thing up myself, then there is no point in doing it! I would be better off paying some MSP to do everything for me.

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Might be time to stop then as your past the point of doing it yourself.

Do u think it’s possible for someone with zero PBX experience to set up a phone system themselves on freepbx?

The online guide said u can do it if you are not an expert

I don’t recall every saying anything like that. Truthfully, I am not sure. While there are smart people and lots of documentation, I do not think it would be very easy.

You did however say the above, literally, so…?

Regardless, I think a log is a good starting point, both for yourself to review, and others that may help you. If you cannot make/receive outbound calls, you are likely having a trunking issue.

I know you didn’t say it. I just am wondering how hard it really is. I’ll have a look at the logs thanks

I would suggest you go through the wiki from the beginning to the end, then do that at least a few times more.

Also read


Also try another provider also.

As you get more experience with various scenarios, your skills will grow.

So , YEAH, go for it!!

Try another provider as in another SIP trunk provider?

Do you think my Cisco Meraki MX64 router could be the problem?

The more variety of everything the easier.I don’t have direct experience with that particular router but indeed routers are a common source of problems, if the ‘signaling’ succeeds but the media fails, almost certainly a NAT forwarding problem, (there are way more than one flavor of NAT).

Perhaps start off with a $5/month cloud machine to get experience, easier to snapshot and quick to start-over and you eliminate the NAT’ing problems.

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