Can't receive calls

We had a problem start with our PBX today where I can call out just fine, but receiving calls doesn’t work properly. When I dial in it connects but I don’t hear anything. I can try dialing extensions, but nothing happens.

In the Admin control panel I can see where the call is active when I call in, but on the calling side nothing is happening.

There haven’t been any changes in our setup so I don’t know what could be causing this.

Any ideas?

We’re using trixbox CE current release is
Kernel version: 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5 (SMP)
Cent OS release 5 Final.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just to give a little more detail on the issue, I know my first post was a little light.

I checked the CDR report and noticed that the calls coming in have a destination of ‘s’. They never end up getting to a destination.

I can route the call directly to an extension via changing the settings in the inbound routes. I can get calls to go through to a direct extension or a ring group, but if I try to get directly to voice mail there is no sound. When I do set it up to go directly to an extension it rings until it times out and doesn’t go to voice mail then either. It just stops ringing.

I’m really not sure what the issue is, but it seems like it’s having a problem with audio playback.

Anyone ever run into something like this?


I was looking through the log file and noticed this:

(Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP))
[Jan 29 14:08:14] VERBOSE[2407] logger.c: Reloading MGCP
[Jan 29 14:08:14] NOTICE[2407] chan_mgcp.c: Unable to load config mgcp.conf, MGCP disabled

I didn’t know if that could somehow be related?

You really need to give info on your setup
VOIP / PSTN what??

post some log snippts before, during and after the call

do you have a inbound catch all? (any did any cid)
what about the setting “allow anonymous inbound sip calls”

Normally the statement “There haven’t been any changes in our setup so I don’t know what could be causing this” is not true. You might have made some changes a while ago and they either didn’t get applied or did but when the system was rebooted it didn’t work like it used to. So think back…

Also if using a SIP provider know that most are known to send out notices that they are changing something is the most logical to them but not to us admins, the bill. Now they changed and you didn’t know.

Some don’t even tell you they make a change and just go and change it and then deal with the fall out when people complain.

I appreciate the replies. I spoke with our telecom provider and apparently there is an issue on their end that is affecting some of their customers, us included.

I’m waiting for them to get their end resolved and see if we’re still having issues here.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile: