Cant receive calls to extension

I know i’m going to feel like an idiot once i figure out whats going on here.
We have freepbx running ok with 20 or so extensions using linksys ip phones.

I have added a new extension the same way i’ve always done it and for some reason this new extension will not receive calls.

I can call out no problem, but when I dial the extension from another phone it says “your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again”

I have setup a device that can be logged into using *11 and it allows the extension to login no problem but still will not allow calls to come through, even if I assign the extension to a device it still does not work.

I’m obviously missing something, but i’ve compared settings on other phones, even replaced the phone incase something was wrong with the phone but i’m totally at a loss.

I haven’t used LinkSys phones, but I had a problem with new setup once on a Grandstream phone. The phone itself had been used before, I was changing the user and using a different IP address for it. My problem might have been caused by something remembering the MAC address and routing it wrong. At any rate, I deleted the names and started over, using slightly different names and got it working.

But I believe a Guru would need to see the log, probably the extension setup, too. And the rest of your version info, too.

Turns out I had a file permission problem and the GUI could not re-write some of the config files after I had created a new extension…

Cool. Glad to hear you figured it out.