Cant Place Outbound Calls to Number that Used to be on FreePBX

Having an issue after moving a number off the FreePBX. I am unable to get the 10 digit number to route on the external trunk, I have removed the DID and ensured there are no matching route patterns. The call rings once and then is answered by the FreePBX. Line 6 appears to be the issue, but am not able to find anywhere that the 10 digit number still exists. Below is paste of the logs. It looks like the call is taking our outbound trunk(The behavior thats expected) but the CDR lists that its being answered by Background and the destination is s[ivr-1]. Im tryiing t figure out why the second leg shows sent to outbound trunk in the log, but the CDR shows answered locally.

13196652985	BackGround	s [ivr-1]	ANSWERED	00:01


I can’t figured out the issue.

If the problem is with outbound calls. You have configured that number or pattern in outbound route? Have you set the right trunk also?

If the problem is with inbound calls. Have you configured the inbound route with the number on the ddi? The destination is the ivr you were talking?

Do you have a “Loopback” inbound or outbound route set up so that calls to your number from inside the system get answered on the system itself? The logs will tell you exactly how the call is getting processed, but without showing us those, we would have to guess (like the guess above) and very few people have the time or inclination to play 20 questions with you.

Verified everything, might be an issue with the provider routing it. I have opened a ticket with them and awaiting a response. I cannot find the DID anywhere though within the FreePBX.

Yeah, from what I can tell it looks like its leaving the PBX on the outbound trunk I want. Working with provider now to see if its on them. Thanks!

If you ported the number away to a different provider, it’s likely that your provider never found out and are still routing the calls (if they hit their system) to your account.

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Didnt port, they jsut update the Point Group. Its an odd issue and has to be done this way based on the LEC. Thanks for the responses, hoping we can come to some sort of resolution quickly with them.

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