Cant place call on Hold or Park - Call Drops - EdgeRouter Lite

This is a new PBXact that I am installing. It seems that I cannot place the call on Hold or park. It immediately hangs up. Phones are on the latest firmware and so is the PBXact Unit. I created a new parking lot for testing and the same thing happens. Is this an issue with my SIP Trunk provider?

/var/log/asterisk/full will tell us a lot. Please be judicious in how much you send - we don’t need to see the whole file; just the part around the attempt to put the call on hold or to park it (which are two completely different activities).

Okay I actually figured it out by working with our SIPTrunk provider.

It seems that when they send the keepalive packet on 5060 or 5160 I am sending back 1064. I am using an EdgeRouter Lite. This is our first time configuring and using an ERL. Is there a document I should follow for proper setup?

Also should I be using Port Forwarding (simple setup) or DNAT rules with Firewall Rules? Does anyone know why I would be responding with port 1064. I did (i think) disable SIP ALG using the Config Tree


To narrow the scope for problem identification, you might try using tcpdump on the PBX server to see if the Edgerouter is the one translating your packet, or if the problem is coming from the PBX. From there, we should be able to more effectively help you troubleshoot this.

We changed out the EdgeRouter with a Sophos and everything started working and sending packets on the right ports. So it must be within the EdgeRouter itself.