Can't "Originate Call" from UCP

I’ve previously been able to use the “Originate Call” function when I click on a phone number hyperlink from within the UCP voicemail or call history widgets. Today, I’m getting an error “error Forbidden”:

…with no further information.

I’ve tried to look up a global (or user-specific) setting permitting UCP users to originate calls or not, but can’t find anything like that.

Wondering where to start debugging this.

User Management Group/User Settings - PBX GUI - Documentation (

  • Enable Originating Calls
    • Use the Yes / No / Inherit buttons to select whether this user is allowed to originate calls from within UCP. This is not the same as WebRTC.
      • Allows you to type in a Phone Number and when you press call your Desk Phone will ring. When you answer you Desk Phone a call will be placed to the number you entered above.

Assuming you have the permissions set. Then see if there is a log for the attempt.
Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation (

Thanks! Something about the search terms I was using didn’t bring this up. It turns out that a newly-created group (of which I am obviously a part) had that setting set to “No”…must have been that way by default I would say. Thanks for the help!

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