Can't make music on hold to work, please help


Hi, I can’t get MOH to work.

1st I took a MP3 and converted it to a WAV in
8 bit
8000 KHZ

Then, in FreePBX I went into SETTINGS > MUSIC ON HOLD

Then, I created a new CATEGORY, called “TestCategory”

Then I successfully uploaded my WAV into it.

Just to make sure i checked into
and there was a subfolder called “TestCategory” with my WAV file in it.

Next I went to the INBOUND ROUTE settings (in FreePBX) and chose “TestCaegory” for MOH.

And so I call the inbound route from my cell phone, dial my extension, pick-up and then put on hold.

And no music plays!!

I see this in the CLI:

– Started music on hold, class ‘RachidiAvocats’, on SIP/
== Extension Changed auto_hint_777[from-internal] new state Hold for Notify User 200
– Stopped music on hold on SIP/

Any help please?

In INBOUND ROUTE settings, when I revert to the DEFAULT MOH, it will play when I put myself on hold.

Really sounds like the conversion didn’t work out and it ended up with something other than 8 bit 8000 KHZ mono.


Is there any way I can easily check this out?

Also, how would you recommend converting a MP3 to a asterisk compatible MOH file?

Thanks !

From quicktime I get the following info:
Linear PCM
8 bit
1 channel
8000 Hz
3.2 Mb


I usually use SoX for the conversions. You can also determine the file type/parameters. SoX is multiplatform, available for both linux and Windows.

Here’s the output of soxi or the SoX information command for an MOH file on one of my systems. I believe the Windows command line works the same way.

[root moh]# soxi wav_Boats.wav

Input File : 'wav_Boats.wav’
Channels : 1
Sample Rate : 8000
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:01:03.12 = 504988 samples ~ 4734.26 CDDA sectors
Sample Encoding: 16-bit Signed Integer PCM


Can you share the options you use ?

I use:
sox ORIGINALfile -t raw -r 8000 -s -2 -c 1 OUTPUTfile

Does that seem right?

the previous options were for my SLN ringtones

now here’s the one I use for WAV MOH

sox ORIGINALfile -r 8000 -s -2 -c 1 OUTPUTfile