Cant make calls with FreePBX 12 (Service Unavailible)

Tried V12 today but I am having some problems. After install created an extension and was able to register a softphone but I can’t make any outbound either ext to ext or do a simple echo test. I am getting service unavailable error on the softphone.

Any help is very much appreciated. Got a bit excited about the new look…


Can you provide log files.

I can’t find any logs from Asterisk logs or from /var/log/message when dialing. I PM you the test server access.


try /var/log/asterisk for logs.

With the new distro that is a directory. tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full doesn’t show any log too during the call. I am not sure if this is related with my softphone.

I am using the PJSIP Device, I also tried CHAN SIP Device but that doesn’t register.


Disable the extension routes module

Hi Macjacfish,

Yah I saw the FreePBX 12 upgrade Extension Route module issue yesterday and tried the solution but doesn’t help.