Can't make calls from Zulu soft phone

Trying to dial an extension from Zulu soft phone, but it’s not working.

[2016-12-01 17:01:38] NOTICE[35454][C-00000a76]: chan_local.c:978 local_call: No such extension/context [email protected] while calling Local channel
[2016-12-01 17:01:38] NOTICE[35454][C-00000a76]: channel.c:5747 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to call channel Local/[email protected]

Zulu Windows Client 2.0.1

You are doing an originate. You aren’t using the softphone at all. Furthermore you need to go through commercial module support as this is a commercial module no one will be able to help you here.

Ah ok, understood.
I don’t have the option for soft phone, only for originate. Softphone is enabled though. Why is it not displaying?

Originate should work as well. The error you have is strange. Therefore you really need to go through support at this time. You have numerous issues so far (zulu being disabled was one of them), now no softphone and no ability to originate calls.

It’s almost like you haven’t applied changes or anything since you are missing extensions and dialplan.

Did a fwconsole reload, but have same error on the CLI.

I will open a ticket.

Look at the FAQ section in the zulu wiki. Follow steps to debug this yourself.

Trying to follow all steps in the wiki. All seems to be ok.
Certificate created and made default.
Access to port 8089.
Running Asterisk 11.23.1, is that the problem?

Also trying on a second HA install, same issues there.