Can't login to UCP

FreePBX 16.0.19 / Asterisk Version 16.20.0
Can’t login to UCP on an extension that I have changed the password (Invalid Login Credentials).
Other ext’s with an undisturbed password can log into UCP,
I’ve changed password with Forgot Password: + UCP Login Details Password and the Key link in the Users List. I tried changing the UCP login name.
I have deleted the UCP account and recreated w/same issue - auto-generated password won’t work either.
/var/log/asterisk/ucp_err.log shows:
2022-03-28 05:13 -04:00: { Error: MySQL server has gone away code: 2006 }
2022-03-28 05:13 -04:00: There was an error with MySQL Connection
(but these log times do not coincide with the failed logins)
Checked mariaDB table ‘userman_users’ status - OK
Tried Incognito mode - same results.
I’m out of ideas - Maybe I’m missing simple and obvious?

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