Can't Login to GUI after newly installed system

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I have faced an issue while installing FreePBX at one of our customers . I have installed FreePBX V16 . Once installation complete , I make basic configuration under CLI and when trying to login to GUI , I received an error page with the below message:

freepbx Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1935764547 bytes)

I checked FreePBX community and found a solution at one of the posts which is changing the memory_limit in the freepbx.ini then reboot which solve the issue.

I have the following notes:

  • I have many installations for FreePBX and i didn’t face this issue before in spite of the fact that memory_limit is always set to 512M (I have checked many of the working installations of FreePBX and this is the value).
  • I have set the memory_limit in this installation to the maximum of the installed memory which is 6000M . Is this correct configuration? Should i decrease it ? Should this affect the performance of the overall system? What is the best practice for memory_limit?

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Good Morning Colleagues
Does anyone is able to share the root cause of this issue ?

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