Can't login on SIP extension!?

First i installed Astrerisk without FreePBX, and added users directly into sip.conf. Everything worked perfect using this guide:

Now, with FreePBX i have followed this:

But i can’t login! I used 12345 for every field i could set. From sip_additional.conf:

[12345] type=friend secret=12345 record_out=Adhoc record_in=Adhoc qualify=yes port=5060 pickupgroup= nat=yes [email protected] host=dynamic dtmfmode=rfc2833 disallow= dial=SIP/12345 context=from-internal canreinvite=no callgroup= callerid=device <12345> allow= accountcode= call-limit=50

I’m on the same NAT as the server, there is no firewall, and as said, it worked before…

Is there any logs i can watch? Or have i missed anything in the configuration?
On the status page i can read “Could not reload FOP server”, but it i read somewhere it would work anyway…?

Oh, i forgot… On the client i get “408 (Request Timeout)”.