Can't link outbound route to specific extension

Hi, I use Yeastar TG200 LTE with my FreePBX system. I inserted two SIM cards into the gate. My goal is to have each of them linked to two different extensions.
Let’s say:
SIM1/Trunk 1 ↔ 2000 (extension)
SIM2/Trunk 2 ↔ 2001 (extension)

I followed this guide to install first extension with routes from here:

…and did the same steps from 2.2 to the end to create the second one.

Inbound routes works exactly as I want to. When I call SIM1 it goes to 2000 extension, and when I call SIM2 it goes to 2001.

Unfortunently, when doing outbound call, both extensions use SIM1. 2001 extension does not use SIM2 as I intended.

I tried to set-up callerID in FreePBX outbound route for each extension in dial plan, but it doesn’t seem to work (attachment_1.png)

solution from: Linking specific Extension to specific OutBound Routes - #3 by Stewart1

What else I can do to link sim cards to specific extension? FreePBX version:

With the help of Yeastar support I’ve managed to make it work. Here is the solution:

  1. login to yeastar gateway via website
  2. go to IP to mobile settings
  3. input your extension number into: Inbound caller pattern for each of the routes.
  4. callerID in dial patterns in FreePBX are not necessary.

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