Can't install FreePBX distro on virtualbox

I’m trying to install on virtualbox and… it just won’t work. If I try the Alpha release I appear to get a successful install but I can’t access the gui, just get the generic apache welcome page.

If I try using the stable version it installs, reboots and then stops on installing freepbx modules. The VM hasn’t hung but I can’t get to a CLI to see what’s happening and what it’s waiting for.

I get exactly the same behaviour on 32 and 64 bit versions.

I have no doubt it’s something stupid I’m doing, but what?

Incidentally, I’ve noticed the download speeds from the FreePBX mirrors (at least for me in the UK) are somewhat slow.

OK… so if I try the 32bit version I can log in to the web gui while the cli is still saying “enabling FreePBX Commercial modules. This can take a couple of minutes.”

There are some issues though, can’t apply config, complaints of tampered files… It ain’t happy.

Aha! solved it… For anyone else who has these problems, select a generic linux type for the VM and it works!

Thanks. This helps. I only have an i868 I am willing to partition so VM is great.

@idiotzoo thanks for your input but can you clarify what you mean by ‘a generic linux type’.? when I do:
vboxmanage list ostypes there’s nothing labelled ‘generic linux’.
I see .linux22, linux24 linux24_64 linux26_64 and loads of other linux flavours but nothing generic. The freepbx distro is based on scientific linux but that’s not in the list either. I tried --ostype redhat but that didn’t work. Thanks if you can help.

I have quite a few VMs in virtual box and I always select Linux->centos

Actually it’s not. PIAF is based on Scientific Linux. The FreePBX Distro is based on CentOS. Which you should be matching to redhat.