Can't install behind a proxy

The new distro is nice but there’s no way to install it if you’re behind a proxy. There should be a step somewhere in the network setup to specify the proxy setting.

We are just using the stock Centos Anaconda Setup. I will have to look at what it would take to add this. I have never done it before.

That would be nice, i know i can always pull the box outside the proxy to setup it. But it’s not very simple to do where i work…

It doesn’t seem like Anaconda is very friendly to proxies… :frowning:

we are also using a proxy and I have the same problem…
Is there an update concerning this problem?



CentOS 5.5 does not appear to support proxies with Anaconda.

However, Anaconda does have support for proxies. (At least in Fedora

what would be the way to configure a static IP?
at the moment the server gets a IP via DHCP while the installation.
To bypass the proxy for the kickstart, I have to give the server a static IP.
How can I do that?


The first screen of the setup before it tries to get a kickstart lets you setup either DHCP or a static IP.

I have no first screen.
The setup is starting up, there are shown some automatically configurations and then the screen is blue, till I get the error, that the setup can’t connect to the server.

Do I have to press any buttons to start the menu for static ip config?

I was able to solve the problem

Here are the different ways for configuring a static IP:

  1. When the server gets a DHCP-adress he tries to connect to the internet. when the internet connection is not working, I get the possibility to change the Link to the kickstart file.
    But I’m not able to change the IP.

  2. When I plug off the network connection of the server, DHCP is not working and I’m asked for an static adress.

  3. when the server gets an IP via DHCP and the server has an internet connection, I’m asked for configuring a static ip after the server checked the connection to the kickstart file.