Cant hear audio on outbound calls unless put caller on hold first

I have a customer that has a rather strange setup. Their main PBX system is FreePBX. However, they are also using 3CX. 3CX sip truink is registered as an extention in FreePBX. They use 3CX for the mobile app with push notification calls. Local and inbound calls work normal as expected, however, when a user using the 3cx softphone dials out, the call rings and the caller picks up, but no audio is heard. The call will stay on as long as the called party stays on the phone. The strange thing is that when they call someone and very briefly put them on hold and take them off, the call works fine just as it should. I have sifted through many settings trying to figure out what is wrong. Does anyone have any idea what this issue could be?

One-way audio problems are almost always NAT setting problems, but this sounds like a Codec selection problem.

Do you not have logs at /var/log/asterisk/full?

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