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Can't get support VPN working

(Fetus) #1

Hi all!

I have support ticket opened, but I can’t get support because “Support VPN” on system admin do nothing when “Configure & Start” is pressed. It seem’s to do something, but always shows the status like “Stopped” and “Uncofigured”.

I also installed SSH keys package, and it’s shown as “Currently installed”.

So, I need support to get support:disappointed_relieved:

What can I do?


(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Just reply to your support ticket stating that, and alternate arrangements can be made.

(Fetus) #3

Hi Lorne!

Last time I tried to get support with this issue, I got this funny answer:

Sorry, I cannot help you if I do not have a remote access.

Thank you,

That’s why I’m trying to solve it on community.


(Itzik) #4

You need to allow port 22 on your router/firewall from Sangoma’s IP’s

(Fetus) #5

Hi Itzik!

I have opened port 22 on firewall, but still doesn’t work.

Can anyone validate the Sangoma’s IPs?


(Itzik) #6

The Sangoma tech is usually sending the IP info on the ticket. IIRC you can also find it in the portal, but I might be wrong.

(Fetus) #7

The ones I have are finished in 100 and 101. Am I right?


(Lorne Gaetz) #8

Tier 1 Sangoma support will come from the IP and should have been communicated to you in the ticket when it was first requested.

(Fetus) #9

Well, it’a not been communicated… (ticket #817656)

Those are the ones permited:

But still is stopped and misconfigured.


(Andrew Nagy) #10

What is the distro version

(Lorne Gaetz) #11

I’ve replied to your ticket, lets resume the conversation there.

(Charlie Karam) #12

What was the resolution support provided

(Fetus) #13

I finally got support on the ticket.