Can't get support VPN working

Hi all!

I have support ticket opened, but I can’t get support because “Support VPN” on system admin do nothing when “Configure & Start” is pressed. It seem’s to do something, but always shows the status like “Stopped” and “Uncofigured”.

I also installed SSH keys package, and it’s shown as “Currently installed”.

So, I need support to get support:disappointed_relieved:

What can I do?


Just reply to your support ticket stating that, and alternate arrangements can be made.

Hi Lorne!

Last time I tried to get support with this issue, I got this funny answer:

Sorry, I cannot help you if I do not have a remote access.

Thank you,

That’s why I’m trying to solve it on community.


You need to allow port 22 on your router/firewall from Sangoma’s IP’s

Hi Itzik!

I have opened port 22 on firewall, but still doesn’t work.

Can anyone validate the Sangoma’s IPs?


The Sangoma tech is usually sending the IP info on the ticket. IIRC you can also find it in the portal, but I might be wrong.

The ones I have are finished in 100 and 101. Am I right?


Tier 1 Sangoma support will come from the IP and should have been communicated to you in the ticket when it was first requested.

Well, it’a not been communicated… (ticket #817656)

Those are the ones permited:

But still is stopped and misconfigured.


What is the distro version

I’ve replied to your ticket, lets resume the conversation there.

What was the resolution support provided

I finally got support on the ticket.


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