Cant get s500 to register

hello all,
i am trying to get my s500 to register to my server which is in the cloud on vultr behind firewall. i opened up 1443 on vultr, have the correct ports opened, freepbx firewall enabled, the phone is registered with mac in sangoma portal and re-direct to public ip is on, however it is not connecting. i checked the web server on the phone and it is not downloading the config, the portal does not 27 attempts to talk with this phone though. the phone is at my house behind att home broadband device. one thing i am unsure of is where there is a username and password in this box below. if i try and delete it, it just comes right back. i need to get zero touch config working as i have 200 phones to ship out any help would be great.

Your screenshot shows you are adding a username and password. Make sure that matches what you have setup on your PBX under system admin module provisioning protocol.

If it still is not working look at your http logs on your PBX for clues.

Hey, can you please share some details on setting up FreePBX on vultr?

Update, I did purchase systempro module and setup the username and password on it and the sangoma portal, however the phone is still not grabbing the config from sangoma so it’s doesn’t even know about my server. i deleted the phone from the portal and attempted to re-add it as i saw on another post that helped someone else, but when i tried to do that it said it had to get back to me for a duplicate claim. so now i’m waiting for that process to complete.

if it still doesn’t work after that, it’s a sangoma issue, who can i contact for assistance?

PPS - I also changed the provisioning protocol to http as port 84 b/c i don’t have a cert setup.

Hmm deleting it should not make it become a duplicate claim. Can you PM me your Mac and I can look.

Also as asked have you looked at the PBX Apache logs to see if the phone is reaching the PBX and make sure any firewalls including FreePBX firewall has your phone provisioning port opened.