Can't get PJSIP working FreePBX V13.0.190.7 & Asterisk V13.11.2

Hello, I am currently using FreePBX V13.0.190.7 and Asterisk V13.11.2.

I am trying to utilize PJSIP with FreePBX but it seems I can not it get it to work. My phone does not register to the PBX when using PJSIP extension, everything is fine using regular Chan_SIP drivers.

What I did: I went into advanced setting to enable both Chan_SIP and PJSIP drivers under the section: “SIP Channel Driver”. Changed the UDP listening port of Chan_PJSIP, under “Asterisk sip settings”, to 5200 so it does not conflict with Chan_SIP UDP port of 5060.

Created an extension and make sure the phone had the server port of 5200 and not 5060.

I did a wireshark trace to see what happens when the phone tries to register itself and I get a “Port Unreachable” message every time the phone tries to register.

Here is a picture:

Any help appreciated, I would love to get PJSIP to work with my devices.


After making driver changes you must restart asterisk:

fwconsole restart

I have restarted asterisk.

CHAN_SIP is default 5160
PJSIP is default 5060

Maybe you need to switch to two so the firewall rules are equivalent?