Can't get "packages" to work

I have scoured the internet and forums and see that a tremendous number of peolple have had this same problem, but none of the solutions have worked.

When clicking on “packages” in Trixbox - Admin mode, I get the screen to register to trixbox. I am already registered and it even shows the Registration Key when I click Registration under Settings.

When I click 'packages" it says “Please login on the upper right hand corner of this page using your forums login and password”.

The only problem is that I do not have a place for logging in.

So many people have had this problem that I assume that there is now a common fix for it but can’t find it. There are numerous suggestions i.e. changing to in a file, and a timer from 30 to 60, but each of thes haven’t solved my problem.

Any help anyone could give would be very much appreciated.

There are a few solutions posted but you need to look in the correct place which is not here. Packaging and the package manager is a trixbox thing and has nothing to do with freepbx. So go over to and check out the forums.

There happens to be several issues with the 2.2.4 build and ISO, not providing non-smp drivers for zaptel for one.

You’ll not find support for a trixbox specific issue here on the freepbx forum…

fstrozki is correct that the issue is a trixbox issue and you will likely find more help and information there since it does not stem from FreePBX. However, I’ll make a slight correction to fskrotzki’s comment that “You’ll not find support for a trixbox specific issue here on the freepbx forum”. You are always welcome to ask questions here and there are a lot of users who do use trixbox as their FreePBX distro here. So fskrotzki is correct but has also provided you some good help and guidance to get to your issue:-) Thanks fstrozki.

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You are correct and I worded it incorrectly. I use trixbox and help when I can. should have said that you’ll get much better results if have a trixbox based problem by asking on the trixbox site.

Hey I had the same problem. I also use Trixbox (TB) and try to help others.
Yes go to the site to get help there also.
In the upper right had corner it asks for username: (this is your legimate e-mail address)[email protected]
Password : ( the login one to trixbox forum)
Then it will allow you to down load packages.
Go to Trixbox forum and get information there.
I think FREEPBX is a different Forum.