Can't get in through the Web Portal after doing module updates today

I do the module updates like clock work and have never had a problem. This time after doing the update, I get an error stating website not found in trying to get in through FreePBX administration. The I.P. address is correct, and I have verified it by getting into the console. I have rebooted the system, and nothing different. Any ideas?

Lots of ideas, they all involve you giving us more information on your system, versions, how it was installed, are you on the same LAN, can you ping the server. What upgrades were you doing (from what version to what version).

If you do a reload from the console do you get any errors? Is the web server (httpd) running.

The more you give us the more we can help you.

I noticed today that in shutting down the system, I get an error with “REST”. How can I fix this? Can I restore “REST”?