Can't get FreePBX to call mobile in queues

Hi there,
I’m using FreePBX for almost 9 months now and really love it!

I have a small issue I like to resolve, I hope you can help me with it.
I have a queue with different extensions (agents) connected to it. I would like to have a mobile phone called to in this queue.
I tried this: I made a virtual extension and made the ringtime 0 seconds so it forwards to a misc destination which is my mobile number.
I added this virtual extension to the list of agents on the queue.
Unfortunately it doesn’t ring when the queue is called. When i call the virtual extension on a internal call, it works fine.

Any ideas? or maybe a total different solution?

Why don’t you make the virtual extension just ring the mobile number directly via follow-me? Adding a misc destination seems like an extra step.

Thank you for you suggestion! That made me look again to it and I found out I made a mistake on that. So now my complete problem is solved!

The only thing left is the CID on my mobile is showing my home number, not the callers number. Not sure how to fix that!

Misc destination sends the call differently than follow-me. Just use follow-me and you can either send the original caller ID through or change it as needed.

Hi Andrew,
Sorry, I didn’t mention this in my last post but I’m using follow me now, just as you said.
On " Change External CID Configuration" I selected “Force Dialed Number”.
It still sends the ID from my outbound trunk.

Set Change External CID configuration to Default and it should send through the original caller ID

Looks like you have a answer to everything, thanks!!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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