Can't get ampuser working- any tips


Thanks for an amazing piece of software that makes asterisk available to everyone.
I am looking for an asterisk based solution for multi tenanted PBX especially for our smaller clients 3 -20 user.
I have installed Elastics and this gives some very useful tools.

I stumbled on an article that says amp user is now available by default and i n older versions you edit the amportal.conf .

Maybe the version in elastix is different, but I cant get it working.
The amportal.conf is already configured correctly to make thos available, but I cant find any functionality to do it.

I need to create a group (tenant) that has say 5 extensions, a trunk, routes, users attached to extensions and I want an administrator to be able to see those extensions/trunks/users only and to see only CDR for those users.

This seems to be possible in theory, but I haven’t been able to achieve it in my elastix install.

Can anybody advise me?
I will also ask on elastix and I will update you if I learn anything useful.

Thanks in advance,



FreePBX is not multi-tenant. It is possible to switch it into FreePBX ‘database’ mode which lets FreePBX do the authentication and not apache (the latter which has to be disabled). However, it does not translate into multi-tenant.

There are some abilities there that can be helpful for ‘departments’ and mainly it is helpful to restrict levels of access to some users.

Thanks for the clarification Phillipe.
This requires some thought.


v3 is better architected to address multi-tenancy. It will be announced very very soon. However, it will be a developer announcement as it will need some work and take some time to come up to par with 2.x as it is a rewrite from ground up.