Can't forward call outside to cell phone number


I’m trying to forward calls after work time with “Time Conditions” but it don’t work to me … here I’m gonna post the pictures of my configuration

This is Misc Destination of my Cell phone

Here you got the “Time Condition”

This is “Follow Me” configuration:


I got 2 rings on ext. 100 after that the caller will get a message “Check the number and Dial again” ?

Provide a call trace:


I can’t post all trace here ?

then use pastebin like it says on the linked wiki page

@lgaetz Here you got

I don’t understand what I’m seeing in the trace:

[2018-11-07 14:24:11] VERBOSE[17531][C-00000171] app_dial.c: Called SIP/100
[2018-11-07 14:24:11] VERBOSE[17531][C-00000171] app_dial.c: SIP/100-000002b7 is ringing
[2018-11-07 14:24:12] VERBOSE[17531][C-00000171] app_stack.c: SIP/100-000002b7 Internal Gosub(crm-hangup,s,1) start

Ext 100 was dialed, and it rang for 1 second but the call terminated as if the inbound caller dropped the call before it could fail over to the fmfm destination.

@lgaetz can you please check this one

Any good news about ?

So this number pattern can be dialed normally without issue: 049681222? You can pick up a phone a call it? Because you’re carrier is saying it’s bad.

Yes but on forward it can’t call the number ?

What do you suppose me for a GSM Gateway device that I can make calls to be forwarded on schedules ?

I can’t call on 049681222 but if I forward to 038XXXXXX it will call that number because the same it’s configured on IP-PBX 038XXXXYY

OK, you’re saying that a number you’re trying to use with FindMeFollowMe also can’t be dialed normally from the PBX? If that is the case, don’t you think they are related?

[2018-11-07 15:28:16] VERBOSE[24939][C-0000019a] app_dial.c: Local/049681222@from-internal-0000001f;1 is making progress passing it to Local/FMGL-049681222#@from-internal-0000001e;2
[2018-11-07 15:28:16] VERBOSE[24934][C-0000019a] app_dial.c: Local/FMGL-049681222#@from-internal-0000001e;1 is making progress passing it to SIP/INIPKOOUT-00000309
[2018-11-07 15:28:16] VERBOSE[24941][C-0000019a] pbx.c: Executing [049681222@from-internal:4] Wait(“Local/049681222@from-internal-0000001f;2”, “1”) in new stack
[2018-11-07 15:28:17] VERBOSE[24941][C-0000019a] pbx.c: Executing [049681222@from-internal:5] Playback(“Local/049681222@from-internal-0000001f;2”, “silence/1&cannot-complete-as-dialed&check-number-dial-again,noanswer”) in new stack

This call went out your trunk to your provider, the provider is saying the number (or the call) is not correct. You would need a full SIP debug to see what the actual error is.

But at this point, this is hitting your provider and then rejected/denied/failed.

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Based on your post it seems that you are in or near Kuman, Albania. Is that correct?

You say that you can’t forward to a cell phone number, but wouldn’t that number begin with 06? The 049681222 appears to be a Tirana landline? Is that number also listed in your follow-me?

In any case, if you dial the 04 or 06 number directly from your extension, does the call complete properly? If not, please post a log (including SIP trace) of an attempt to call that number from your FreePBX extension, while the system is otherwise idle.

If calling directly does work ok, the call is likely being rejected by your provider because of the caller ID. To confirm this, temporarily set Outbound CID for your extension to 038606806 and try calling the 04 or 06 number again. If it now fails, post a log.

If you can successfully call with the ‘spoofed’ number, we’ll suggest some other tests to isolate the trouble.

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