Can't find Zulu chat function

Zulu release notes are saying that there is now a chat function included.
I can’t find it though.
Client 2.0.22

Ita coming soon. It’s in the client we just have not released the server upgrade piece yet.

You must of pulled down Alpha manually from us as the client by default only lets you install Stable or Beta for updates.

We are working on the server upgrade piece this week so should be ready for testing real soon.

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Just wondering is the a ETA on chat? We are doing a lot of testing with zulu and the crm integration for suitecrm at this time and the last part is chat. At this time we use slack but the zulu chat looks promising. Also one last question is there any work being done on allowing other providers to work with the sms portion of zulu?

Chat is due out server side later this week in edge.

As far as SMS no it uses FreePBX SMS and only provider for that is SIPStation.

Tony - Did the chat server update ever come out? My chat option is still not working.

It’s in edge as promised.

Hi all,

I’m also unable to find the chat function.

Zulu server version: (edge channel -> no more update available)
Zulu client version: 2.0.30 (beta channel -> no more update available)

Do you guys already have any clue (timings) when the chat will be fully supported?

Thanks for your help,

You need to update xmpp to latest edge. Xmpp module is what provides the chat.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your quick reaction.

I have installed the latest XMPP (, but still no chat possibility.
The XMPP service is running though.

Do you have any other idea?


Your ports are blocked for chat

That seems to be it Andrew… you saved the day :wink:

I’ll continue to test with some other users.

Thanks a lot!

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Do you happen to know which ports specifically?

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Is there (or will there be) a way to have our customers talk to the Zulu XMPP chat server through our website? In other words could a website client app connect to the Zulu XMPP server? Specifically is there an addon for Wordpress that could do this?

Not at this time but it’s on our roadmap to add chat queuing with ability to add chat with us now buttons to your websites.

Thanks Tony, looking forward to seeing it.