Cant Find Anononymous SIP?


I am starting out I am new so bare with me! I have everything working except incoming calls. I can see the pbx list an active call but I get “the number is not in use” or something like that.

Going through some of the tutorials and youtube videos. I see theres a setting:

Allow Anonymous SIP Inbound Calls

I cannot find it anywhere. I am so new to this I don’t even know what version I am running to give you guys some help, but It is asterisknow that I installed and I did it today so its the latest I am sure.

Any help would be appreciated,

I got it working. I had the inbound call route set to my SIP trunk. I was getting a busy signal so I changed it to one of my extensions. Now I have it ringing one extension but I need it to ring 3?

How can you set up an inbound route to more than 1 extension? or to ring all of them?


I suggest you save yourself a whole pile of trouble and get a distribution from here (conveniently named as a tab at the top called “Download”) then read the wiki under the “Community” Tab. All your doubts should be resolved, or go to the AsteriskNow forums if you want to use their distro.

Several etiquette issues. Slow down and type complete sentences and fix your spelling. People will take you more serious.

Go read getting started guide in wiki. Being a newbie does not remove the obligation to study the docs.

If you want our help, run and support our distro. You downloaded Asterisknow. They have their own forums.

Also learn the difference between bare and bear (see first post).

Thank you for setting me straight. I apologize, and I have read through the documentation and feel I have gotten very far. As of now, I just need to find a way to have incoming calls ring more than one extension. I need this up and running. I am on FreePBX 2.1.1 and was not aware that asterisknow was the forum I needed to be at. When I clicked on support it brought me here. I read everything and have gotten quite far without asking a single question.

Sorry to bug you guys,

You read through the wiki, do you remember anything about a “ring group” ?

Yes I saw that. I don’t believe astricknow has that? I am downloading freepbx distro now and going to give that a shot. I thought they were both the same. In asterisknow there is a pickupgroup and with that on I can answer a call from a phone but it still wouldn’t ring.

are freepbx and asterisknow both using different versions of freepbx?

which one has more features? Should I stay where I am at?


You believe wrong, AsteriskNow uses FreePBX, the version they use would be apparent if you read the web page you created. As skyking said, slow down!!!, I suggest you take your Ritalin if so prescribed and read everything you can at least twice before you go any further. . . .

ROFL laughing…Yeah the ring groups are part of the core.