Can't enable DPMA

Looking for some help here as I’m at a loss. I have FreePBX 16.0.28 running with Asterisk 15.7.4 and I’m trying to enable DPMA in the endpoint manager so I can provision some Sangoma P315 phones. When I attempt to enable DPMA, I get a red message in the pop-up:
Asterisk digium phone module rpm is not installing… Please refer to ‘/var/log/endpoint_module_hook.log’ for more details. Please try to enable DPMA after sometime…

If I open the log file I see:
Hook Started
FreePBX Digium Phones module is enabled so please uninstall/disable that module
Successfully updated asterisk15-res_digium_phone

Problem is I don’t have the Digium Phones module installed… at all. I removed it from the machine a month ago when cleaning up modules and preparing to deploy the box into production. Running fwconsole ma list doesn’t show it either.

I also confirmed I have the package asterisk15-res_digium_phone.x86_64 installed. I even removed the package and tried to enable DPMA and confirmed that FreePBX will turn around and install the package but still fail with the error message.

EPM seems to think I have the Digium Phones Module installed but I can’t find it anywhere and I can’t seem to convince it that it isn’t installed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I’m running the free EPM because I’m only using Sangoma phones. Both the OS and FreePBX are fully updated.

Welp… I did a version switch and changed asterisk to 18 certified and now its working. :person_shrugging:

Certified versions are people with Sangoma support contracts. They are only tested for feature supported by those contracts. You should normally use the highest available minor version without a non-numeric suffix.

Thanks for the info… didn’t realize that. I switched to 20.0.1.

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