Can't edit inbound routes

So I upgraded to FreePBX 16. All in all everything went smoothly. But I have one very annoying issue. If I attempt to edit an existing inbound route then I get a message that a route for that DID/CID already exists. That is of course 100% true. Which is why I am editing and not creating a new one. The workaround of deleting the inbound route and creating a new one works. But this is a little bit annoying to say the least. I have created a bug report but figured I would check here if I am the only one experiencing this or if this is effecting everyone.

Hi @nsumner,

This issue was fixed already and the fixed version is available on the Edge repo, so update the core module to the latest edge release.

fwconsole ma upgrade core --edge

Indeed. Thank you for the rapid reply!

I looked at the updates in Edge and didn’t see anything that seemed the same… So I decided to leave well enough alone. Now I upgraded to the edge version and it indeed works as expected.

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