Can't double-click on extensions in Class of Service module

Hello All,

Just visited my Class of Service module today and double-click won’t work to move an extension from “Allow” to “Deny” or vice-versa. It used to work and is specified to work in the module’s documentation.

This is quite an issue is you have hundred of extensions and that you need to move one that is at the bottom of the column. You can’t drag-and-drop it either as browsers (Chrome and Edge) won’t allow you to.

Is there a workaround to this? Maintain a config file through the CLI?

If anyone has experienced this, please let me know!


I’m just spit-balling here, but have you tried a different browser?

Yes, Chrome/Edge/FireFox all on Win 7/Win 10 machines. Same browsers that used to work before.

I actually found a workaround in the Extension module itself, “Other” tab, where you can assign on the fly the extension to a CoS. But that’s still a far cry from the CoS when you need to maintain several extensions at once.

COS works fine for me. What version of COS and Framework are you using?

The double click feature was removed, from what I can understand due to severe performance issue with page display. There is an internal ticket open now to re-add it in a way that doesn’t impact performance.

It looks like it is just one version behind the current production. If you downgrade to, it is working fine. The current version,, doesn’t allow you to double-click.

You may need to not update until the software is fixed.

Rolled-back to and it works fine. The poor performance (which I have not experienced in my config/environment) is less of a problem than being unable to move items from one column to another.

Thank you to lgaetz and christrati for helping me solve this.

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