Cant disconnect a call transfered to a queue

I have a in call disconnect feature set,

When I transfer a call to a queue, the feature doesn’t work. I here the Dtmf tones. On transfers to extensions it does work. Just not to queues.

A few more interesting things,

I can also do a *2 in the transfer to complete the transfer
I have set the following in the features general custom.conf file

atxferabort = **
atxferswap = *1
atxfercomplete = *2
atxfernoanswertimeout = 15
atxferdropcall = no
atxferloopdelay = 10

atxfercallbackretries = 2

But the Atxferabort doesn’t work

The default code of *1 seems to work so that suggest its not pickup what is in the config file.

Admin>Feature Codes>Core

Is the ** code enabled?

its working but its not picking up the custom file so its using defaults.

You’re going to show us your work here.

So as above, I have a file features_general_custom.conf
in that file

[[email protected] asterisk]# cat features_general_custom.conf
atxferabort = **
;atxferswap = *1
;atxfercomplete = *2
atxfernoanswertimeout = 60
;atxferdropcall = no
;atxferloopdelay = 10

;atxfercallbackretries = 2

But its not loading as the disconnect isn’t ** its *1 that is the atxferabort.

I don’t know if the features work the same way the rest of the system does, but the others are already defined in features_general.conf, so when you try to over-write them, they’re ignored.

My theory is that when you try to do something like this with extensions_custom, the updates are ignored - that’s why they have to go in the extensions_override* file (so the updates get loaded first).

This is for features. Why would extensions have overrides the featurs.

They wouldn’t, the override part is the important part.

so I have to have a file called features_general_overrides.conf then?

That won’t work easily



; Do NOT edit this file as it is auto-generated by FreePBX. All modifications to ;
; this file must be done via the web gui. There are alternative files to make    ;
; custom modifications.                                                          ;

#include features_general_additional.conf
#include features_general_custom.conf

#include features_applicationmap_additional.conf
#include features_applicationmap_custom.conf

#include features_featuremap_additional.conf
#include features_featuremap_custom.conf

There is no “override” file included and if it was added, it would have to come before “additional” so you got a catch-22 unless you mess with “additional” and then make it ‘immutable’
To test function by all means edit the 'additional files and then

'rasterisk -x ‘core reload’

that will set your wishes until the next time you

fwconsole r

or press the red bar

Freebpx would overrite the features.conf as well right? I would have to make it immutable as well right?

Cam’t say, try it and see :slight_smile:

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