Can't dial my IVR

I’m quite new in this asterisk-freePBX-trixbox thing…

I recently installed the last trixbox version on a VMWare, made a pair of SIP extensions and configured an IVR (including a cute recorded menu with my own voice). The extensions are alright, the thing is i don’t know which number to dial in order to get the IVR.

What am i missing?

You Can Set up a Misc Application to call the IVR, or you can have an inbound route point to it.


You can allow anonymous SIP in the General settings. Then create an inbound “any/any” route that points to your IVR. After that, dial 7777 on one of your phones and you should be in your IVR.

I do not recommend leaving the Any/Any route open after you are done testing.

i already did the inbound route, but all i get is a record saying “your call can not be completed at this dial, please check the number an dial again”. Even tried with an extension previously configured, and the inbound route didn’t call my extension as i was expecting.

What am i doing wrong?.. i want to test my IVR

First, you normal inbound route must be working and the IVR must be named.

Then…go to the INBOUND ROUTES and select the inbound number that you want to use with the IVR.
Go to the bottom of the screen and instead of selecting SET DESTINATION to normally EXTENSIONS, change it to IVR and pick your IVR in the dropdown. If your IVR does not appear in the dropdown then you don’t have it set properly. In that case you’ll need to start at the IVR section.
Hope this helps!

Do you have your announcement file in the correct format? If the audio is not playing, you might think it is not working when it is.

If you using the card Digium so i am not sure about that.

In here we use the VoIP gatewy Patton 4118 connect direct to PSTN CO and SIP trunk to FreePBX SIP server.

i created IVR and route inbound call to there. Working fine.

Please notice that when u are create the inbound routes, don’t fill to there anything, only point to IVR service.


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