Can't dial missed calls

When a call is missed it shows up in the missed call listing on the phones (Polycom Soundpoint 650 and 560s).
However, if we try to call it back directly the call fails because there wasn’t a 9 as a prefix.
Is there a way to make it so that we can call back directly from the stored number rather than copying down the number and redialing the whole thing with a 9?

On the Polycom phones you can edit the number in the missed call list. Edit, scroll to the beginning of the number and add a 9. This is a pain and is probably more work than writing down the number.

Do you absolutely need to have the system setup to dial 9 for an outbound call? Removing the dial 9 for an outbound call seems like the better solution.

It had been set up that way initially to facilitate internal calling, but maybe we need to get rid of it. Since I didn’t set that up, where would I start with that-the Outbound Routes?