Cant Dial Local Landlines

Not really sure what the issue is. Im new to the company and trying to fix their issues. The problem we are having is when trying to dial out to a local landline it wont go through. No ringing or anything. If you call a local cell phone it goes through no problem. I have no clue what the difference would be and why it is doing that. Any ideas?

You have provided no information on your system config. How can we possibly assist you?

What versions of FreePBX? Asterisk? Distro or hand built? What are you using for voice trunking? Is this a new problem or was it once working?

Some console logs of a call that works and one that fails would be helpful too.

yeah that definitely would have helped. FreePBX, Asterisk 1.4.42. 8 dahdi trunks and 2 SIP trunks. It seems that when you call out you initially get a dial tone, dial your number then silence. When I made a few calls through x-lite it gave the message “It is not necessary to dial a zero or one when dialing this number…” and shows answered on the log. I have a feeling it is something to do with the outbound dial patterns but when I looked at those every thing seems to be right. They said it wasnt a new issue but it is so rare that they dial local numbers the issue rarely gets attention.

nevermind, i figured it out. After looking 15 times at all the dial plans i finally found the problem. Apparently there was a . in the SIP trunks that I didnt notice. Not sure how or why it was there but all i did was delete that and everything works again. thanks again.