Can't dial extension while in greeting of ivr


When someone dials in - they get a greeting (created in the system recording section) such as "Welcome to ??"
during the welcome greeting - one is NOT able to dial an extension to be transferred.
One needs to wait until the greeting finishes before doing so

Well - this is difficult to explain to customers - they simply try dialing the extension immediately, and that results in problems for them and obviously registered complaints

we are using FreePBX V2.4

Any solutions will be appreciated

Thank you

Change the dtmf detection setting for your trunk. The system is not detecting them for your configuration. Since you have not provided enough details (trunk types, version of asterisk, etc) I can’t tell you what exactly needs to be changed (this a zap device, sip, etc). But some of the choices are inband, auto, etc.

You can google the values based on your trunk type easly and there are many people on this site that have asked and gotten the same answers before so it has been covered if you search for it.

Hi everyone,

This is to kindly request help to solve the problem I have:
When calling from outside using the Zaptel Trunk I can reach the IVR but can’t dial the IVR options using the GSM cellular phone, but with CDMA cellular phone it works ! I think that this has something to do with DTMF.

So,how I can get the GSM cellular phone working as it should with the IVR is still a mystery to me.
The other problem I’m having even with CDMA cellular phone is that instead of going straight to the IVR when I call, it first rings for a few seconds and then the IVR announcements are heard.

I’m running:
with a Sangoma A200-BRMD card.

Thanking you in advance

Hi and thank you for your response.

Using T1 card (Sangoma A102 with echo cancellation)
Using PIAB software - and it has the latest updates
Using Polycom IP601 & IP430 phones

I setup zaptel - using the standard configurations from Sangoma scripts

Any thing else you will need ? - Explain where to get this info and I will provide it.

Transfers work only after the greeting is announced NOT during - which seems odd

Any help ?

Thank you


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