Can't dial anything from internal, but inbound calls work fine

I have a new install of FreePBX.
Created SIP Trunk
Created 2 Extensions
Using 3CX soft phone
I dial from my cell phone to my SIP number, and receive the call fine via the soft phone
But when I dial from the soft phone, to anything, anywhere, such as an external phone number, or another extension, or even *97 to go to my VM, all I get is “dialing” for a quick moment and then “server failure” on the soft phone display

Any help where to go from here?

Can you post what happens in your Asterisk log files when this happens. The main log file is /var/log/asterisk/full. Are the soft phones properly registering for example?

Sorry I hadn’t posted my LOG files… Should have done so from the start.
The 3XC Soft Phone is registered as I can make an incoming call from my cell and the soft phone rings, I answer with it, and all is well.

I did however find that the 3CX soft phone was configured to “start” video channel automatically, and looks like that is what was causing the “server failure” notice on the 3CX. I turned this feature off on the 3CX and all is well.

So I am OK at this point. Thanks for your post back. AT least now I know where to find the main log file and will post it with any future posts.

Good to know that you got it sorted.