Can't delete small calls off Call Recordings on Asterisk

Hello. I’m new to this forum as well as diving into pbx besides the web based stuff. For some reason, just about every day I try and load the daily call recordings, I get a blank screen and the page stops loading. Pretty sure it is due to too many small calls(hangsup, no messages) and it’s clogging up the reports. I’m not too familiar how to get into the certain days and certain months and delete those smaller calls, less than 20k, on the command line. If it could be put somewhat simpler, i would greatly appreciate it!

20k of an uncompressed voicemail equates to 2.5 seconds, you can adjust the length and silence detection timers in settings->voice mail admin to suit, make any too short and all those “call me!!” voicemails will be thrown away.

It’s not just voicemails, though. It’s long rings as well as short calls or hangups.

Will adjusting the settings not save all those, or just voicemails?

And if I do that, it still wont clear up the days before today. :confused:

Either google or reading

man find

would give you something like

find /your/path -f -name “*.wav” -size -20K -delete

season to taste . . .

BUT, you should investigate why you are getting so very many of these calls.

Well, I took over as head of IT when I was an assistant for about 4 months. With some help from the owner, I’ve found a lot of info as well as on the net. But I’m pretty sure whoever set it up, made sure to record everything, even ringing. And i do not believe we purge any old calls(3 years old) So i feel like it’s inevitable for it to clog. I know you can run jobs to delete some calls after x days, but I’m not familiar enough to do that yet.

Same general suggested resolution, in this case google and

man cron

For “Old Files” use the search button above to search this forum , it has been covered exhaustively many times.

Been browsing for days hahah

Now I feel kind of dumb haha I don’t know how to couldn’t get the right google keywords. Thanks a bunch! You put me on a good path. I appreciate it

In this case the key words were “delete, small, files and linux”, google ignores in the and at etc. etc. :wink:

Hahah I would put “linux command for deleting calls” Womp. Thanks again very much!

This is going to be pretty direct, don’t worry, it’s out of love :smile:

You need to adjust your line of thinking. Linux is the OS, FreePBX and Asterisk are the applications. Linux doesn’t have any concept of these files existing as call recordings; they’re just files. What YOU and your application do with them is YOUR deal.

I started in my current role about a year and a half ago with almost no Linux knowledge, and over time have become much more familiar with it and I’m now able to do all sorts of voodoo magic and I owe a lot of it to Google, Stack Overflow, and these forums (esp @Dicko and @tm1000). My suggestion for you is to try to understand the different components and their role in making everything tick. If you know what to Google, you can solve most issues :stuck_out_tongue: